Daniel J. G. Kruse

Software Developer | Web Designer | Motion Graphics Designer | Video Editor | Photographer

Welcome to my W.I.P. landing site for my old pseudonyms. I've made this because I noticed that I haven't removed the links to my old domains.
I've published software and did stuff on various pseudonyms. Down is a list of which I have used and discarded.

Please note that my software I have developed under these pseudonyms might or might not be updated in the future. I'll decide it later at some point.
I am planning to combine all my stuff under one alias later. But most of the stuff will be as-it-is. I'd rather develop new software.

This site will be a proper, really cool landing page sometime. For the time, enjoy this simple thing I did.

Zerobyte Developments

aka Hexagon Developments

2016 - 2018


DataCrypt, RxHash



FileCrypt, Minecraft Tools

2017 - 2018

Feel free to contact me. I prefer e-mail.

Daniel J├╝rgen Georg Kruse
Knappenstr. 37
45739 Oer-Erkenschwick
Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany

zerobyte@alphamxtion.video | yuko@alphamxtion.video

Do I really need a GDPR and imprint for a site which is pure HTML and CSS without cookies, ads or anything?

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